Optimize your license and agreement environment

Let me bring my experience to enhance and optimize your license and agreement needs to be sustainable and as cost effective as possible, together we can go through the whole lifecycle of inside your organization so that you can more easily get the right reports and information out of your SAM and vendor tools. It all comes down to money in the end and whether you want to cut costs or optimize ROI I have the experience to assist.

IDNHAB Fire Drill

Internal Audit fire drill

Have you ever benchmarked your internal routines by doing an actual fire drill? This will often show that there are information and routines missing that should be in place especially if the responsibility of licensing and agreements been passed between people. You want to be one step ahead when signing these deals.

IDHNAB Framework

Routines and framework

Everything we do for our customers are based on a framework of routines, people, departments and workflows to build up a structure for situations that may occur and to safeguard that it works even if people quit or get new roles and responsibilities.

IDNHAB Routine

Adobe Audit or Renewal

You need to be prepared for the renewal or audit, this is something that we can prepare you for either by doing a test Audit or take a look at your routines and reports and give you a better idea what they are asking for and how to handle their requests – you have signed that you agree to this so and you need to be prepared for it because i can tell you that they are prepared.


Don´t go to a meeting unprepared you will have a tougher discussion and I am pretty sure you won´t like the outcome.

IDNHAB Business

Microsoft audit or Self Assessment

Audits come and go and if you are prompted to deliver an ELP (Effective license position) and not face surprises afterwards then we can assist in making so that the numbers you are delivering are the actual numbers that you use.


No matter if you need a helping hand if you are new or for some specific vendor and licensing question, we can be your partner all the way.


If you need to set up a structure with readymade reports with the right information in for your management or want a whole workflow for your license and agreement lifecycle we can assist.


Are you in an audit or renewal situation we can help you check the information before you send it to the vendor – we don´t wash the data we just ensure its the actual usage you are reporting.



CFOs are more than often left out in the license and agreement discussion and that is as I see it not an optimal situation – we can help you set up routines and reports so that you get how the cost and utilization of the software you bought or are going to buy as well as prepare management for situations like audits and renewals.

In short you need the correct information to make executive decisions we can help your organization with routines and workflow so you that you get the information you need.