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Do you fully rely on your SAM tool? What happens if you get an audit or just a renewal of an agreement? Are you sure your users do not install unwanted software? Do you know if you have more than one agreement per vendor? Is some part of your company buying their own licenses? Are you updated on the latest as well as legacy license rules (you are probably using older software somewhere in the company on a server or an old user machine)? Do you use multiple technologies like SaaS? Do you have mixed environments? Do employee’s kids install and play games on a machine that belongs to your company?


What happens if you are wrong? These are questions you should ask yourself and make sure that the data and information you have is updated and always correct because in an audit or renewal information is key and will give you an edge.

Being wrong is just a mistake that can be corrected, just be sure to do it beforehand.


All above questions are just some examples of real-life experiences in the field with companies that I have worked with and the ones that was most sure everything was in order was the ones that got the biggest hit in the end.


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