Peter Johansson

My background


My background is Licensing since the late 90s and I have have worked for great companies like Crayon, KPMG and Adobe, my experience and learnings from this helped me form this company and the methods that we are currently offering to assist organizations in getting the right tools and insight to effectively negotiate with software vendors.

We are totally independent from any software vendor, we do not promote any software nor SAM tools. 

Publishing business

We are also Illustrators,authors and publishers of several children´s books, you find them here: https://www.supertuben.com and https://www.blubben.se on Amazon: amazon.com/author/supertuben

Adobe Licensing and agreement expert

Been conducting numerous audits and with a genuine interest of software licensing and solid experience from the consulting are I know how to read what you can or cannot do with Adobe software.

Microsoft Licensing expert

Ever since a manager at a consulting firm asked (told me) Peter you like Microsoft, you are now the responsible for licensing – since then I have been embracing the challenges with Microsoft Licensing and the changes that may happen.

Online meetings

In this time and date with viruses going mayhem in the world.

All the services we provide can of course also be initiated and conducted by online meetings – break free from the old routines

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